Young Lode, your new life abroad

Young Lode App, One step towards greater convenience and socialization

Young Lode opens a new community oversea, platform encompassing services and social life. Here, experience faster ride share, more efficiency in second-hand trading, evolve your cuisine aptitude, better current abroad event updates, and experience fresh, nonstop service. Make you life more interesting by meeting other loders sharing the same interests, becoming a part of their oversea life, and refine your life abroad.

Product advantages

Integration of various nonstop functionalities

Multi-sphere socialization

Supportive social sphere

Abroad skill development

Stay on top of current abroad events

Fashionable visual display

Product description

Encompassing services

Taking a ride, obsolete item management, cuisine and entertainment sharing. Young Lode provide nonstop service to all your daily needs.

New social sphere

Find interesting souls in the 10 Km proximity, enrich life with possibilities.

Baccata Island

Taxus Baccata, means yearning in the Chinese culture, and it represents the yearning of our home, regardless of where we are. Through Baccata Island, make use of idle properties, develop your island, and engage in charity to help those in need.