Continental Oceans corporation macro-managing pandemic situation opportunities

Early 2020, the globe was hit hard with a fatal, wide-spread, chaotic virus named COVID-19. Under the influence of the pandemic, travel, dining, transportation, and many other businesses are shrinking. Nonetheless, other in-home and online services like gaming, online-education, and remote working has became popular.
Continental Oceans seizes this opportunity, and ready to release the “Younglode” application, targeting international students and all others living abroad, grasps the online mode of the current economy. “Younglode” functions as your hub to get food, news, transportation, and all other needs, where out-there no one can provide during this special time. With the “Younglode” app, Continental Oceans corporation has created a comfortable and entertaining environment where user can enjoy themselves and satisfy all their needs at home.
“Younglode” will be released for Beta in April of 2020. We hope users can enjoy themselves in our app and provide feedbacks to help us improve.