Continental Oceans initiate service-based platform – UV ride
UV ride is continental Oceans first service-based platform. Started in late 2018 by a group of International students at MSU, finally began operation on 2019 November 21st. UV connects the rider with the driver with safety certifications, display of reasonable price range, precipitated calculation of most economical route, and other design components that endeavors to help international students living abroad. 
Starting from 2020 March 28th, UV ride pushed regulation for all drivers and riders to wear masks, and UV took responsibility in providing masks for those who do not have one. UV also announced guidelines for UV rides during pandemic times to better care for both the rider and the driver. We sincerely wish every trip our customer takes are carefree. 
Continental Oceans corporation will continually work on resourcing PPEs (Personal Protection Equipment) well before our publication of the “Younglode” App. Once “Younglode” is ready for use, our customers will be able to get what they need. 
In this special time, we believe, if we work together and help each other, difficulties can be overcome.